Water & Drought Resources

The Chamber of Commerce is working closely with the City of Healdsburg on water conservation measures. We recognize that many of our businesses have implemented water saving practices. Please know that along with the City we are here to help navigate you through this challenging time.

Stage 3 Water Restrictions as of June 7, 2021

The following water restrictions are required in order to maintain water supply to sustain public health and safety needs for the remainder of the year: 

  • Residential Customers are assigned a water budget of 74 gallons per person per day (cumulative 2,244 gallons per month).  
  • Commercial Customers are required to reduce water usage by 40%. 
  • Automated irrigation -- sprinklers or drip -- is prohibited for all residential, commercial and industrial customers. 
  • Hosing driveways, hardscapes areas power washing, and washing personal vehicles are prohibited. 
  • Planting new plants or grass is prohibited.
  • Hand-watering is allowed so long as it's within water allowance.
  • Restaurants and food establishments to provide water upon request only. 
  • Emptying existing pools is prohibited.  New pools must source water from outside the City's water system. 



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